From Mews House To Sleek And Elegant – Notting Hill House


A small mews house near the Kensington Gardens was transformed into a fabulous three apartment home, called Notting Hill House. The remodeling was made by the London based studio Paper Project. There were two essential points in the requirements. The first one is to maximize the space and the second one is to encourage the natural light in.

To accomplish that, the kitchen and dining room have been moved into the basement and a roof extension has been added with an afferent glass staircase letting the natural light reflect inside. The design is elegant, predominated by black, white and neutral tones, with only the art paintings on the walls adding some color.

As there is not naturally lit, the kitchen had to stand out in some other way. And it’s not so hard to realize that the sleek layout with LED lights and green bursting into the while background with black kitchen furnishings complete the mission.

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