The Flawless Architecture Of An Indian Luxury Hotel


In the country of contrasts, where there is no place for half measures, this Indian luxury hotel brings us to the wealthy part of India. As the weather can be extremely hot, the guests can find their refuge in the especially arranged shady places, where they can enjoy a good meal and drink while admiring the beautiful gardens, because staying inside where they cannot enjoy their vacation is not an option.

The architecture is not Indian at all, the hotel has a geometric design, with curved lines and arched windows. Majestically, the blue of the pool and the perfect cut grass surrounding it make the perfect addition to the aesthetic of the architecture.

The outdoor areas are extraordinary, with all the greenery surrounding the hotel. Somewhere more private, in the back of the hotel, a swimming pool area shadowed by palm trees creates a perfect holiday environment. Interiors keep the Indian traditional elements, such as local rugs and artwork, displaying a modern twist from here and there – the sleek lobby in black, white and red is the best example.

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