Fabulous Penthouse In Manhattan With An Open Plan


This fabulous penthouse apartment located on Broadway, Manhattan, New York, USA, is a project completed in 2008 that brings a dynamic vibe, first of all, because it remembers somehow of an urban garden and, second of all, because everything happens on just one floor. The plan of the apartment was conceived by New York based studio Joel Sanders Architect and it is definitely not thought for bashful people.

Everything is in the open plan, with no privacy at all for the bedroom or even the shower. Yet, space isn’t a problem, and so each of the delimited areas offers plenty of room. Going up on the stairs that we see inside, we reach the outdoor terrace on the roof, with splendid views to the city. The same idea of an urban garden is kept, too, the wooden decks being full of green vegetation that brings a joyful splash of color.

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