Exotic House In The Wild Jungle


Prepare to be astonished, because you rarely see a stunning house built in the jungle. Nitsche Arquitetos Associados designed an exotic house in Iporanga, in a well protected and preserved area of the original Atlantic Rainforest, providing an incredible view. The concept projected is meant to use all the beauties outside, in order to let the interior feel the outside pure air. Therefor, the upper level has glass walls, letting the rainforest to be seen from every angle. For privacy, curtains can be drawn, but in all that wildness, who can see you?

The client wanted minimum space on the ground, yet enough space to be comfortable, so the architects made a three levels construction. And because a luxury home doesn’t inspire naturalness, color scheme and wood elements come to bring it more in the scenery. Being in the exotic décor and still having all the comfort you need, really sounds like the perfect escape. Have you ever pictured yourself sitting next to a pool and a rainforest at the same time? I guess not, but that’s the point here. Style is everywhere, even in the jungle.

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