Enjoy A Wonderful Holiday At The Luna2 Private Hotel From Bali, Indonesia


In this time of the year, many people prefer to enjoy themselves by escaping in the mountains for a little while and admiring the mesmerizing winter sights from there. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m dreaming about being in a rather warm, sunny place, such as Bali, Indonesia, where you’ll be treated like a king if choosing to stay at the Luna2 Private Hotel. This luxurious property is located by the beach and can host 10 guests in 5 bedrooms for a “puny” amount of $3000 per night.

Although a little spicy, the price explains itself, as this villa is one of those places where you forget about everything thanks to the royal treatment you’ll be receiving from the staff and the overall amenities offered for spoiling you. The stylish place is defined by its lovely design, which is inspired from the sixties and will immediately reach the heart of anyone who’s into retro and colorful elements. The rooms seem to be alive and will welcome you with their vibrant decorations and furnishings. The views from the property are also impressive, as it looks upon the beachfront from the Seminyak resort, which is nothing short of gorgeous. A pool completes the relaxation package.

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