Elegant 21,500 Square Feet Home By Yakusha Design


In Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, an amazing 21,500 square feet home was developed by Yakusha Design, a Kiev based studio. Elegance thrones all over the place, with tall glass windows letting the natural light abound the interiors. A neutral palette has been chosen for most of the rooms, yet there are several with their unique and themed approach.

Right near the staircase that makes the connection to the rest of the floors, a sort of forest décor is developed. Tree trunks are used as columns, there are wallpapers picturing parts of a forest and cushioned spots perfect for enjoying the setting which nicely reproduces a little corner of nature.

Yet the children’s bedrooms and their special playground areas are, by far, the most amazing areas in this home. Lovely mixings of colors or materials and an overall joyful atmosphere make from these rooms an attraction and not just for the kids. The adults get their inspirational dose as well, as the master bedroom is white and the interior design sort of reproduces the lightness of a feather.

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