Dutch Barn In The Countryside Project


A fresh breath of air comes from Kwint Architeckten in Nederlands and its wonderful project called “a barn in the countryside”. It is a very ambitious concept, willing to maintain the traditional style of the region located in the south of the city Eelde and add some contemporary elements. The residence resembles with a barn, having actually the same structure and form. As for the first visual impact, the exterior is intriguing, with horizontal wooden blinds and big barn doors that can either stay opened or closed, depending on what the owner wants.

What on the outside looks like a barn on a wood deck, becomes the perfect home inside. Cozy environment, having everything it is needed, this barn in the countryside provides plenty of living space and even outdoor areas. Back to the origins, combining old concepts with new ideas, you might be tempted to give up on your agitated life in a crowded city, for a nice and easy one to the countryside.

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