Drew House Takes Camping Trips To A Luxury Dimension


Camping trips are so outdated. At least, that’s what we’re getting from seeing the Drew House, designed by Simon Laws of Anthill Constructions for an Australian photographic artist, Marian Drew, and her brother to remind them of the childhood trips their family took many years in the past. Located near the Great Barrier Reef in Quensland, Australia, the house is described as a luxury campsite.

The main construction hosts a small living room, along with a kitchen and a dining area. The interior must adapt to the curved walls, as it has a cylindrical shape. Separated bedrooms and living areas are a great fit into the natural landscape that the designer didn’t want to ruin and provide privacy if several family groups spend their holiday there.

The nature is connected to the interior spaces through covered walkways. For a sustainable living, rainwater tanks, a water recycling system, solar electrical panels and solar hot water panels have been installed.

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