Dragspelhuset Takes The Shape Of A Cocoon In The Winter And A Butterfly In The Summer


An extension to an original cabin dating from 1800s, Dragspelhuset is located on the shore of Lake Ovre, Sweden. This had to be an extension of an old building and it had to have only one floor, because, otherwise, building is forbidden in this area considered a nature reserve.

In charge of this beautiful project was 24H-architecture. Just like the architects describe it, the cabin unfolds like a butterfly, spreading its wings in the summer and stays like a cocoon, very compact, with double protection for the walls against the cold in the winter. The shape of the house is organic, so blending into the protected natural scenery was is not a problem.

Traditional materials common in Sweden were used and Dragspelhuset cabin can brag with its almost CO2 free design, as cooking is made by propane gas, stone-fuelled stove used for heating, the lighting is powered by solar panels and the bath water is heated by an underwater wood stove.

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