Decorative Alternatives to Curtains

While curtains remain a firm favorite among interior designers and homeowners there can be little doubt that they have their pitfalls. We live increasingly frenetic lifestyles and seldom have the time or inclination to clean heavy curtains, which will often trap dust and allergens in our homes. Curtains are often too heavy or light to be truly perfect and they can be complicated to hang. However, they do have their benefits; curtains help to keep our homes warm or cool, protect our privacy and create a cozy nook when the cooler evenings draw in. So, is there a substitute for these fussy fabrics?

Discover these decorative alternatives to curtains and dress your windows with a world of new possibilities.

Blinds or shades

Window blinds and shades are incredibly versatile and are usually available in a wide variety of styles, materials and colors to complement your home and individual rooms. Blinds are a welcome alternative to heavy curtains and drapes and will enable you to better control the flow of light and air around your property. What’s more, blinds are typically easy to maintain and extremely hardwearing, depending upon the material you have chosen for your shades. They are suited to being wiped or vacuumed clean.

Faux stained glass

What could be prettier for your home than faux stained glass? Glass transfers are incredibly popular across the interior design movement, and offer homeowners a cost effective, and easy way to decorate their windows. Faux stained glass can be customized to suit any theme or color scheme. Similar alternatives include privacy patterns, leaded window transfers and window films, which transform windows into a blank canvas for creativity. Best of all faux stained glass panels and transfers can protect your privacy and illuminate your home with a kaleidoscope of color.


Decorative shutters are a popular alternative to curtains and drapes, and usually prove more durable than blinds and shades. Typically crafted from wood, shutters can be created to suit any home interior style or theme, such as the rustic country cottage, the continental café or the coastal hideaway. Shutters are neat, sleek and custom-fitted, ensuring they complement any window space. They’re also adept at controlling the flow of light, heat and noise around the home, offer an extra level of security, and protect your family’s privacy. It helps that wooden shutters are aesthetically pleasing, too. There are so many possibilities when it comes to choosing shutters for your home.


Screens are a little less versatile than blinds and shutters in terms of maneuverability, but are beautifully decorative nonetheless. Crafted from metal, mesh or wood, with laser cut panels or sculpted details, screens can turn any window into a work of art. They’re also adept at keeping harsh sunlight, nosey neighbors and distracting noises out of your home, and they can cast intricate shadows across your flooring. During the summer months a screen will allow you to enjoy the warm air and sunlight without placing your home at risk of a bug invasion. We’re sure you can feel that gentle breeze already.


An awning is fixed to RVs, patio doors and caravans, and will enable you to enjoy the full benefits of being outside with the luxury of shelter from the wind and shade from the hot summer sun. While they’re popular along the high street and at campsites across the country awnings are becoming increasingly popular inside and outside of the home. Stylish and practical an awning will enable you to dress your window in whatever style you fancy and will serve a useful purpose.


Of course, if you’ve covered your bases as far as light and privacy are concerned you might choose to have a little fun with your window dressings. Well, your windows are something of a focal point. Asymmetrical patterns, bunting and banners, garlands, floral arrangements, macramé and even decorative shelving can transform your window into a work of art and help to really pull your home together. Window accessories demonstrate strength or character and creativity and can also act as a shield to protect your privacy from those passing your home. More than anything window accessories are great fun to play with and can be altered as your mood shifts.

It’s certainly true that curtains and drapes are never likely to go out of fashion. However, it’s nice to know that there are plenty of alternatives for your windows should you wish to shy away from tradition.

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