Cumbres Doce Houses In The Sunny Cancun, Mexico


A house in Cancun couldn’t inspire us anything but relaxation and vacationing. Well, some lucky owners have the things we dream of in their daily lives. Cumbres Doce is the amazing project designed by SOSTUDIO, being located in the sunny Cancun, Mexico. It was completed in 2011 and it is spread on an impressive area of 1,835 square meters.

Cumbres Doce is actually a gathering of five houses. For maximum of protection, the interior access is controlled and a security gate surrounds the property. And because the security gate consisted of a tall white wall, obstructing, practically, the whole view, the solution was to make the first level the main one, leaving the service and storage area at the ground level.

And with that being solved, this is the perfect home for family, party people or for those who want to have fun, being surrounded by the green that matches perfectly the sleek white of the Cumbres Doce complex.

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