Country Zash Boutique Hotel In The Eastern Sicily


Antonio Iraci completed this wonderful restoration project, which turned out to be a splendid hotel in the Eastern Sicily. Country Zash Boutique Hotel is the place to be if you want relaxation, in a splendid décor. Thinking that what today is a luxury retreat was, in fact, an old winery in the past, the major transformation the building suffered is more than clear.

Deep into the nature, with only the sound of the nature tingling the guests’ ears, the Country Zash Boutique Hotel is an oasis of calmness and peace. Imagine seeing orange and lemon trees out of your window, first time in the morning, as the glass walls capture the whole beauty going on in the large courtyard.

And besides the panoramic views, special lounging areas are set, perfect for cold romantic nights, when guests seek for safe place. Fortunately, this place combines the old flair of the old building with the new modern additions, which are the furniture pieces.

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