The Copper Sky Residence Is An Architectural Work Of Art


A luxurious dream home that I will show you today is the Copper Sky Residence. Designed and built from scratch by Swabuck Partners, the house takes its name from the splendid view offered by the sunny side of a rocky hill from Paradise Valley, Arizona. You can safely presume that Paradise Valley, as the name suggests, is a little piece of heaven. The landscapes surrounding the residence are majestic, and the inside of the house is in sync with the beautiful outdoors. The design of the Copper Sky residence is modern and it uses desert colors, perfectly adapted to its rocky/desert vicinity. The property has a generous terrace that harbors a beautiful blueish swimming pool, the perfect recipe for relaxation in a hot summer day, especially if you take into account the comfortable chairs surrounding the pool. The living space is luxurious and the furniture is elegant, everything breathes functionality and comfort. This is a beautiful house, with a splendid view, making for a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

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