Cool Typographic Furniture By TABISSO


Alphabetic letters, numbers, and punctuation marks – these are part of our everyday life. Well, TABISSO, a French design company, thought that it wasn’t enough and so the typographic furniture appeared. Lounge chairs and lamps are all expressing letters, numbers or punctuation marks. Forget about the inspirational quotes some stick on their walls. You can now relax and take a more or less wisdom advice by sitting on it. It sounds silly, but it looks great.

The letters and numbers come as the chairs, while the lamps take form of the punctuation marks. It’s unlikely that many have this type of typographic furniture, so a home could really stand out by having it. Imagine having an “EAT!” sign next to the dining room. And, after all, the possibilities are endless, as it is up to the clients what they want for their chairs to express.

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