Cool Industrial Loft In The Heart Of Kiev

In the heart of Kiev, Ukraine, a three story loft stands as a manifestation for a cool, warm and cozy home to live. The designers at 2B Group managed to transform the place where concrete and metal structures are the main features into a cool home. Every room speaks for itself and has personality. The living room is maybe the one that keeps the strongest industrial feel, from the walls reproducing the concrete color to the red shipping container standing in a corner which hosts a bathroom.

One of the rooms with most fun happening is the children’s bedroom, with kids’ cartoons and animated faces drawn on the walls and bright color. A little library room invites for relaxation, welcoming with cozy seats and an inspirational aquarium installed in one wall.

From far, the master bedroom comes with a contemporary breath. Besides occupying a huge space, right after the headboard of the bed, with no wall to separate, two sinks and a bath tub stand on a “carpet” of stones. And living behind this wonderful view of the master bedroom, we go to the one on the rooftop, with amazing city views and an outdoor fireplace centered around a resting areas with plenty of comfortable furniture.

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