Chic Minimalist Loft In Prague Goes Beyond The Industrial Style


In Prague, A1 Architects made this chic industrial loft, with a clean look and a very contemporary feeling. The designers kept it all in simple lines, opting for neutral tones and cold materials, like hard wood, concrete or even natural stone. At the first level, the public area gathers a minimalistic living room, having the fireplace surrounded by concrete as the centerpiece, an open kitchen with the dining area.

A wonderful detail is the wall full of shelves from floor to ceiling, where the dwellers can expose their dearest memories or use it as an improvised bookcase. The entrance is very spacious and it follows the same design pattern as the rest, being characterized by an emptiness that surprisingly is not bothering at all. Going upstairs is a real delight, as for the staircase the designers have ingeniously replaced the balustrade with a wire gauze.

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