Chic Apartment In Soho For Short-Term Rental


This chic apartment in Soho would be perfect for those who want to explore New York, as it is available for short-term rental. However, although the owners don’t live in here, they have pretty much expressed their personality in designing the interiors. Monochrome palettes and exquisite pieces of art are the best choices in making the apartment attractive for any kind of people: modern or more conservative ones.

The living room looks like such a dynamic room, especially because of the black and white carpet with a crazy, eye-catching print. The love for art and culture is one more time brought into our attention by the bookcases (one in the living room and one in the dining area), hosting both books and collectable pieces. Also, the hallway has a very dramatic atmosphere created with the help of some abstract pantings.

Getting into the main bedroom, we remain a little surprised of the room’s shape, much longer in length than width. This way, there are created two spaces: one for resting, where the bed is and one for private relaxation, when the living room feels too exposed.

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