Casas Na Areia Consists Of Four Beach Bungalows For Perfect Vacationing


The unspoiled beauty of the beach, the crystal clear water and long sandy beaches are characteristics that make Comporta one of Portugal’s most wanted destinations. Here we have Casas Na Areia, designed by architect Manuel Aires Mateus. The four bungalows in the shape of thatched beach huts combine the simple, primitive living with the untouched nature.

Each of the four bungalows has a bedroom with ensuite bathroom, an open plan dining and living area. They can be rented, so coming here with a group can turn out to be the perfect holiday in Portugal. Natural materials have been used, especially for walls and roofs. Seated right on the beach, the huts are surrounded by a serene atmosphere.

And just imagine walking on a carpet of sand as you get out of the bed in the morning. Priceless moment that is! As an alternative to the ocean, guests can cool off into the swimming pool right next to the huts, with lounging chairs and umbrellas offering the comfort they search after getting out of the water.

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