Casa V Features An Exquisite And Unique Design


If straight lines and regular houses just don’t manage to impress you, check out something more intriguing that will definitely draw your attention with its unique design. Casa V is an outstanding renovation project accomplished by Dosis and is situated in Oleiros, Spain. The uncommon shape of the building with its curved lines and special features is what makes this piece of real estate an architectural work of art that distinguishes itself from the other homes in the area.

The project consisted in expanding and renovating an 1960’s house that serves for spending holidays and accommodates three generations of family members. The curves from the outside also describe the interior design and both of the exterior and interior share the same color: white. Even more, the exterior coating features some sort of a smooth, pearled surface and this, along with its white coloring offers me the impression of cleanliness. The modern home looks impeccable on both the outside and inside. Its new addition features a garden on its roof that looks upon the irregular-shaped pool and invites the inhabitants to come outside and have a wonderful time while admiring the beautiful surroundings.

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