Casa San Patricio by ROP Architects

Customers requested a one-story residence that could fold and unfold a flexible space, but at the same time to have different functions. An important requirement was that all areas of the house could dominate the outside, but at the same time it was very private from the street.

The basic layout of the house is a rectangle, a central volume-oriented, mostly from north to south to ensure that all areas have seen abroad.

The intent of this body forms the house in half, to accentuate the main entrance and break the social service area. For it was necessary to locate the house to the west of the property, leaving large gardens to the other three sides. Access is made on a journey along the central volume volcanic lined enclosure that leads to a large social area with entrance to the center. To the right of this access and behind the volume of stone is topping the visual room on a terrace and a pool in the east of the house.

The house is divided inside by a wide wall and does not reach the slab. This wall separates the social area of the family, but between the living room and family room there is a sliding door five feet long that connects the two areas transforming them into a very large room at the same time outside the two terraces also bind to join the social areas.


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