Casa K Is A Cozy Home With Nice Urban Insertions


A young couple with children calls Casa K, located in Sao Paolo, Brazil, their loving home. Studio Arthur Casas managed this project, turning the existing construction in one even larger, with more space to offer. The designers decided to put the theater room and the garage in the basement, the public spaces (kitchen, dining and living room) at the ground level and the bedrooms upstairs.

Because the client is a stylist, the idea was to “dress” the house somehow to make it stand out. Perforated metal was one of the choices, conferring privacy from the neighbors in the proximity and also making a fun game with the sun light as it comes through the little holes.

Sliding doors make the connection from one room to another and also a sliding glass wall in the living room opens to the garden. Not to mention the green wall featured along the staircase that leads to the upper level, which comes as a nice addition in the urban context.

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