Casa Fazenda – When Rustic And Exotic Styles Are Put Together


In Amarante, Portugal, Casa Fazenda is a surprising mix of elements that go hand in hand perfectly. The interior with a powerful rustic style is a little bit unexpected, as the outdoor exotic style tends to contrast with the first one. But that’s not a problem, as visual the two styles complement one another, meeting somewhere in the middle – and middle being the interior spaces open to the outdoor.

We can say the outdoor pool is a separation area between the house and an open kitchen, dining and living space. Stone walls and wooden ceilings seem to be a dominant for the interior, being also a binder to the outdoor space, where the same elements can be found in the decks or the walls that keep the property private.

Despite the rustic approach in the interior design, we observe a clean look, abounded by wood with few drops of color that revive the spirits, where comfort is put above anything else.

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