Bright And Warm Stockholm Apartment


It’s been a while since the last time I’ve seen a good Swedish home, but that’s about to change today. The unique Swedish style reflects in this 785 square foot Stockholm apartment, as well. It is located in a very old building, dating back from 1902 and it originally had two bedrooms and one bathroom, but it was transformed into a one bedroom and one bathroom home.

This way, larger and more open rooms resulted, making the environment more welcoming and cozier. The living room turns out to be an inviting place for family gatherings and socialization, having the open kitchen and a decent sized dining room right in the proximity.

A very spacious room is the bedroom, too. Simply designed, with not too many decoration items, the room would feel empty if there weren’t for the red carpet to cover the white floor or the golden stove providing the warmth in the coldest days.

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