Black And White Residence In Philadelphia With Split Levels


The brick exterior of this residence in Philadelphia hides a very comfortable home, as from the exterior we would have expected to be more like an apartment building, rather than a whole house. Four floors hosting three bedrooms, two and a half bathroom, a living room, dining room and several terraces make the living cozy and according to the modern approaches.

The wood stairs making the connection throughout the levels come as a nice contrast with the black and white tones that abound the interiors. Also, at some point, the level is split to gain some room, creating so a small space with couches, perfect for relaxation, contemplating the outside views through the floor to ceiling windows.

At the last level is set the main bedroom, which has direct access to an outdoor terrace. It is simply designed, with a small round red table and two chairs in the same color, surrounded by the grass and stone d├ęcor and the views over the city.

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