Birchgrove House – A Green Land For Keen Gardeners


Birchgrove House, located in Australia was a challenge accomplished with success by Pearse Architects. As the owners were two gardeners, they really wanted for the home to express the strong connection they have with garden. The one and only floor built has wood as the main material used for the furniture and interior finishes. This gives a continuation for the abundance of vegetation outside, with dense plants.

Tall palm trees have been kept and the house was built around them, being the owners’ sweet memory, since they were the ones that planted them. The living room has an opening to the garden and the beauty offered by the green surroundings can be admired from the inside. A modern kitchen combines the usual stainless steel appliances with wood accents found in chairs or kitchen table. And with so much natural light comes into the bright interior, the cozy feeling installs the moment you step into this contemporary home.

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