The Beau Constance Residence By Metropolis Design

Let’s take a look at the Beau Constance Residence, shall we? What we have here is actually very close to a dream home, that represents the perfect balance between the great outdoors and modern architecture. Beau Constance Residence was designed and built by Metropolis Design and it can be admired in Constantia Nek up on Vlakkenberg, South Africa. This place was a livestock farm in the past, a huge 225 hectare property, but it was transformed into a vineyard recently. The most impressive feature of the residence in its unique capability of blending nature and architecture. The land around the house, being previously farm land, offers its inhabitants a great view, due to the amazing landscape.

The house itself is designed in a post modernistic-minimalistic fashion, with an accent for comfort and harmony with the beautiful surroundings. The view offered by the green hills around the residence make for a perfect place for meditation and relaxation. The interior is also kept simple, to a minimum, with just a few pieces of furniture, both elegant and comfy. A pool was added for offering a complete experience of relaxation.

Enjoy the photos!

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