Australian Secrets to Making Low-Cost Curb Appeal

Whether you like it or not you will form an opinion of a home and the person that lives there just from your first glimpse of the outside. That’s the problem; first appearances really do matter; even if they are not an accurate representation. Of course curb appeal is also essential if you’re looking to sell your home; the nicer it looks the more likely it is that people will look inside your home; and fall in love with it. But you don’t need to break the bank to make your home look fantastic.

Clad It

You could go out and repaint your home. Unfortunately this requires a lot of time and effort or an expensive bill from the professionals. Instead you can contact Peter Bracey and have your entire house clad for a surprisingly good price. This is an area where the Americans can learn from the Australians. Cladding your house is a low cost solution that dramatically reduces your energy bills and offers better protection from the elements. It’s also generally quicker to do than repainting as well as making your house look awesome!

Light The Way

The first impression of your home will not always happen in the daylight. This is why it is important to take a look at the exterior of your home at night. You can then add enough light to sympathetically show any visitor the way to your door. The overall effect will make the house more appealing and make it easier for you and your visitors to find your entrance.

Tidy The Yard

Curb appeal starts with your yard. You may see the house for a moment before you see the yard. But, the yard places the house into context. It doesn’t matter how good the house looks a scruff yard will bring the curb appeal tumbling down. You need to remove all rubbish, cut any grass and tidy your borders. This will dramatically boost your curb appeal.

Check Out The Drive

Your next step will be to evaluate the driveway. You can repair damage cover it all in gravel or simply remove it all and start again. Your choice will depend on your budget and what your intentions are for the house. Brick paving is always a good option and a common choice in Australia. If you want to keep the cost right down then you can consider covering the existing surface with colored concrete; it will tidy and transform at the same time.

Check Your Neighbors

You don’t necessarily want to start keeping u with the Joneses; this is an undesirable but exceedingly common habit. However, you do need to check your neighbor’s houses to ensure they are tidy. A poorly kept house next to yours will drag your curb appeal downwards. Equally if you haven’t kept yours to the same standards as your neighbors it will be you letting them down! Perhaps the most important tip is to visit your house as though seeing it for the first time or ask a friend to do this; that will give you an honest opinion regarding its curb appeal and what you need to change.

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