Architectural Masterpiece In Somosaguas By A-cero


Having a little bit of a futuristic look, this house in Somosaguas is absolutely stunning. The architecture is the brilliant work of A-cero team and it’s just mind blowing. Sculptural volumes, stylized forms give a spectacular contemporary appearance, dominating completely the interior, which is, nevertheless, impeccable as well.

Just taking a look at the massive living room you realize that this is meant to be a party house, with plenty of space for people to socialize and have fun, engaged by the sleek, sophisticated and opulent interior design. The sculptural character found in the architecture is continued inside, through different art works displayed all over the house.

As children can actually get lost in the immense house, it was hard to believe this can integrate kids solution, too. Yet, it is possible, as fun indoor playgrounds have been arranged, painting the walls in cartoons. Still, we have to admit that this super home feels more like a grown-up play.

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