An Oasis Of Modernness In The Middle Of Nowhere By Voorsanger Architects


Blame it on Voorsanger Architects for this amazing residence you’ll about to see. Almost in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the West of the United States, an impetuous house rises. Having only one floor, the structure is spread on horizontal and its grandeur comes from the length of 240 feet. Yes, this is a huge floor plan!

It’s beginning to become a trend building eco friendly houses and this one thickens the lines as well, with independent energy sources. Natural light enters through big glass walls, like the one in the living room, maximizing at the same time the beautiful views over the mountains.

The modern look of the interior is completed with wood walls and ceilings. The public areas and the private ones are separated, creating intimacy where it is required. Overall, the residence is inviting and it appears to be an oasis of modernness in a natural landscape, almost untouched by the human being.


  1. mARCIN February 2, 2013

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