An Abundance Of Luxury In Thailand


The “luxury” word doesn’t need space in the dictionary anymore. It just needs the pictures below. If you’re considering buying a beach residence for the dream vacations you have in mind, you just found this treasure of $18.5 million in Phuket, Thailand. A total of 48,500 square feet, with 21,500 for the actual residence and counting seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, should give you enough space to even get lost in it.

There’s a lot of glass and big windows to let the light in, a huge pool to relax by and too little words to describe the beachfront view. The interiors are spectacular, as well, making you consider the idea of permanently moving to Thailand. This isn’t just a beach villa, this is what every one of us would like to have if over the night we’d become rich. An abundance of luxury, green, fresh air and perfection.

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