Accommodation In The Wild Jungle At Verana Hotel


Right in the Mexican jungle, Verana Hotel can offer maybe the best vacation of your life, as it is a blend of luxury and rustic. Keeping everything to match the surroundings, the hotel succeeds to still have its own style, because rustic doesn’t mean bad. If you’re looking for a fancy accommodation, than this is not the place for you.

It has no technology systems, uses the energy at the minimum and it’s mostly concentrating of providing a one in a lifetime experience. Private gardens are an alternative if guests feel afraid of the rich jungle and spa facilities, with in-water massage and other ones.

The houses could not be hidden from the outside, so they have a large opening to wood decks, from where you have wonderful views over the ocean and jungle. In fact, that it’s what the interior is all about: creating a nice connection to the wild environment.

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