A Stylish Wardrobe Needs The Walk-In-Closet By Hosun Ching


It’s a well known fact that women will never have enough space for their clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, no matter how spacious a closet is. The walk-in-closet designed by Hosun Ching sure doesn’t claim to solve this problem, but it comes with crucial features that offer better possibilities to organize your clothes.

When it’s closed, it’s a very compact and stylish furniture piece, occupying very little space, but the magic happens when you open the doors and a mini fitting room opens just for you. This walk-in-closet is based on the idea that most of the closets have way too big depth and you end up losing track of the clothes stuffed in the back.

So it comes with a reduced depth to allow full visibility of everything that’s in it. There are special drawers for accessories, spaces for shoes and bags and four mirrors allowing you to see the outfits from many angles. It’s a small reverie for any girl, but the truth is not many would settle for just one walk-in-closet. Shopaholic girls need dozens!

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