A Black And White Drama House


If there’s a suitable word to describe the Shophouse at 18 Everitt Road, designed by Mathew Lai from Singaporean Studio XMSL, that is “dramatic”. There is no place for middle transitions here, as everything is either black or white. Unlike the bright houses, full of natural light coming through floor to ceiling windows, this one has closed spaces, yet lit spaces, using artificial systems.

It’s a very contemporary approach, using traditional elements, too. The monochrome look makes you definitely feel like in a black and white old movie and the strong contrasts the house is all about makes a dramatic transition from one room to another. A white modern kitchen enlightens the house while the all black dining room is perfect for the nights when family gathers for dinner.

The austere office sends a very professional message, like work is being taken seriously even at home. Elegancy we find in every room, but most especially in the living room and bathroom and the house continues to a kind of bohemian atmosphere created in the bathroom, due to the light white curtains instead of actual walls.

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