7 Awesome Things For Your Bedroom

For many people, the bedroom is a sanctuary that can be used as an escape after a long, tiring day of work, family, and responsibilities. Add more relaxation to your bedroom with some of the awesome things below.

1. Custom Pillows

Instead of using the boring, solid pillows that come with your comforter, create your own custom pillow with your own photos. A custom pillow is great for anyone, but especially someone missing a faraway pet or family member. You can even choose photos of book, movie, or cartoon characters. A custom pillow in your bedroom is a great way to mark the space as your own and make it feel homey and comforting.

2. Houseplants

Introduce a breath of fresh air into your bedroom with a houseplant to match your personal style and flair. Many houseplants have been found to help naturally remove bad smells and things floating in the air. And houseplants come in so many beautiful varieties.

A lily offers a lovely bloom of color to your bedroom or an English Ivy brings a little bit of spring into your space. Or you can foster your own Aloe Vera plant, which is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. You truly have many great options if you decide to raise a houseplant in your bedroom.

3. Authentic Dreamcatcher

Invest in an authentic dreamcatcher to help brighten your days and ease your nights. A dreamcatcher can add a soothing aspect to your room by nature of its association with chasing away nightmares. They also come in a variety of designs, colors, and materials, so that you can pick one that will match your bedroom and personal preferences.

Authentic dreamcatchers have the added aspect of benefiting Native American craftspeople. An authentic dreamcatcher is a great way to respectfully honor the traditions of other cultures in your bedroom decorations. Authentic dreamcatchers come listed as spiritual tools that promise to capture all the bad dreams in their complex webbing.

4. Alarm Clock With Sunrise Simulation

Most alarm clocks use a harsh, repetitive noise to pull your attention away from dreamland. An alarm clock with a sunrise simulation, however, can be used to gradually nudge you from sleep with a pleasant simulation of the rising sun. Wake up refreshed and ready to begin a bright new day any time, even when it may be cloudy and grey outside your bedroom window.

This revolutionary alarm clock promises to improve your sleep and well-being by naturally waking you up using simulated sunlight and natural sounds. The traditional elements of a ‘Snooze’ feature are kept in the design, but gone are the annoying noises and depressing digital interface. Replacing your old alarm clock will be a guarantee of a brighter morning.

5. Inspiration Board

Inspiration helps fuel our dreams, goals, and passions. What better way to incorporate the best moments of inspiration than with an inspiration board? Inspiration boards are spaces for you to pin every thought and idea that springs into your head. Leave your favorite quotes, song lyrics, and photos on your board so that you always have a place to come to more motivation and inspiration.

The great thing about inspiration boards is that you can make them as big or as small as fits your needs and space. With the right decorations, your inspiration board will be a pleasant accent to any wall in your bedroom. And it will be filled up in no time with your inspirational thoughts and mementos.

6. End-of-Bed Storage Ottoman

For the times that there is too much stuff and not enough spaces to store it easily and elegantly, end-of-the bed storage ottomans come to the rescue. You can store extra throw blankets during the warmer months or seasonal decorations on the off seasons.

Storage ottomans also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns to properly offset the rest of your bedroom d├ęcor. An added bonus to most storage ottomans is the extra seating that they offer your living space. If you have guests over or need someplace to pull on socks, you could have a multitasking storage ottoman available.

7. Weighted Blanket

Sleeping with a weighted blanket replicates what it might feel like to sleep wrapped tightly in a hug (without needing to worry about kicking anyone mid-sleep). This type of blanket lets you experience deep rest unbroken by restless legs or minds. Many people swear by weighted blankets due to their consistent ability to help even the worst insomniacs get a full night’s rest.

Additionally, most weighted blankets very simply attach to outer blankets, so that you can keep your favorite bedroom colors. You will not regret having the natural comfort of a weighted blanket when climbing into bed after a long, back-aching day.

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