6 Beautiful Examples Of Redesigned Small Spaces

Small spaces need to be carefully designed to maximize usability, functionality, and maximize the perception of space. Here are several examples of interior designs that accomplish this surprisingly well:

1. Small home designs in Singapore

A 3-room HDB is the smallest type of public housing in Singapore. However, you don’t need to live in Asia to get inspired by these beautiful 3-room HDB designsMany of the rooms use lighting that hangs from the ceiling to make the small spaces look elegant. Shelves and seating are built into the wall to save space and longer rooms are maximized into both living rooms and kitchens. The long rooms that resemble shipping container homes just require a different way of laying out the furniture to work. Instead of having multiple rooms with doors or division, “areas” are designated sections and each “area” blends into the next.

Due to the rising cost of owning property, Singapore-based companies have also jumped on the small home bandwagon to create eco-friendly, tiny homes.  With small homes becoming popular in Singapore, it’s no wonder their talented interior decorators can beautify the smallest of spaces.

2. Vertical storage spaces

If you don’t have room to expand out, the best use of space is vertical. This means using bookshelves, shelves built into the wall, and only using long furniture, like dressers, with a stable surface you can use as a shelf. For example, a 6-foot long dresser doesn’t use vertical space, but you can use the dresser’s surface for things like radios, water dispensers, or your television.

Check out the examples of small space design from HGTV. Many of them use vertical space. First, there’s a design for the kitchen that provides vertical storage space in what looks like little cubby holes. Another design is a bookshelf built into the wall with a larger bottom shelf that acts as a desk.

Of course, the best bathroom storage in a small space is also vertical. The best vertical space in a bathroom is open. Don’t use a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets are an eyesore. In an open shelving unit, you can store perfectly-folded towels, washcloths, extra soap, candles, and other items that will make your bathroom look elegant.

3. Room divider curtains

In small spaces, you may not have the luxury of separating spaces with doors. Room divider curtains are a great way to create privacy between spaces and maintain your home’s elegance.

You can also use ceiling-mounted curtains to surround your bed. Even if your bed is pushed up against a wall, install matching curtains on three sides, all the way around, leaving the foot of your bed open.

4. Storage under the stairs

Many small homes have at least two levels, which leaves quite a bit of space underneath the stairs. Depending on how steep and tall the staircase is, you can put a long dresser underneath, or build a custom set of shelves to fit the space perfectly. Books look especially beautiful underneath staircases.

5. Storage bins at the bottom of storage shelves

If you’ve got kids, storage bins are great for collecting stray toys or items that don’t really have a proper home. For example, Legos can be put into tubs and boxes, but it’s not practical when your kids want to play with them. Adding bins to the bottom shelf (or resting on the floor) of wall-mounted shelves is a good solution.

6. Full-length mirrors

It’s the oldest trick in the book to use mirrors to make a small space appear larger. Mirrors add dimension and make any room look bigger. Plus, they’re functional for getting dressed in the morning. If you want the option to cover mirrored closet doors, install a curtain rod above the closet with neutral-colored drapes.

Small spaces can be beautiful

With the right ideas, and a skilled interior designer, your small space can become just as beautiful as a grand gallery. As seen with beautiful tiny homes of less than 200 square feet, no space is too small to redecorate.

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