1,000 Square Meters Residence In Pozuelo De Alarcon By A-cero Team


This 1000 square meters residence in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Spain, by A-cero is actually considered a small project, as the rest of the homes in the housing development are so much bigger. Yet, the space is enough for a fine modern living.

The imposing architecture must be the first thing to catch our eyes. It is compound of all sorts of volumes that give personality to the house, contouring a spectacular view. The marvelous exterior is completed by an outdoor swimming pool with a jacuzzi, a bar and a barbecue.

Inside, the first floor gathers the lounge, dining room, kitchen, cleaning room, the service area, which includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room, having separate exterior access, and the main bedroom, in the opposite side of the room, with nice tents of gold.

Taking the stairs and going down to the basement, here we find another three bedrooms (one being especially designed for a little girl), a theater room, wine vault, a gym and the garage.

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