The Top 20 TV Show Apartments in History

In television, the setting of a show is one of the main methods of communicating a message. Whether the show is a classic drama, a modern sitcom, or something in-between, the place that the characters call home gives a distinct feel to the show.

One of the classic settings for a TV show centers around an apartment that a main character calls home. Though there are a fair amount of not-so-great apartments – like in 2 Broke Girls, or Marnie’s tiny studio from Girls – many of the residences depicted in the most famous shows are incredibly spacious and luxurious.

In fact, occasionally one might wonder how they can even afford such high-end apartments with, say, a part-time waitressing job. That’s an exaggeration of course, but the point stands. Either way, the setting of the show sets the feel of every scene. Even though the apartment tends to fade away into the background when our favorite actors and actresses are on-screen, it still has a distinct effect on how the entire show operates.

Some of the best TV show apartments are luxurious, spacious, tastefully-decorated – the works. They are inhabited by a variety of characters with many different jobs. Plus, they often play host to roommates. In a sitcom, this means plenty of opportunity for banter. But what are some of the best apartments ever shown on TV? Well, read on to find out in our list of the Top Twenty TV Show Apartments in History.

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