The Top 20 Movie Apartments in History

The types of settings used in movies can make a significant difference to the impact the film has on the audience and the viewer’s perception of the various characters in a film. The setting can create an atmosphere, such as a haunted house in a horror movie, and adds extra detail to the storyline. One type of setting that is used in many movies is an apartment. If one of the main characters in a film lives in an apartment, then this setting is an important aspect of the movie. It tells you about the character’s personality traits and personal preferences, the type of lifestyle they live and which income bracket they fit into. The apartment may also be the place where some of the most significant events in the storyline occur. While some apartments in movies are simply a part of the background, others are memorable for a variety of reasons. Here are 20 of the best apartments in the movies.

20. Bronte Mitchell’s Apartment in ‘Green Card’

There is something extremely romantic and warming about Bronte Mitchell’s apartment in ‘Green Card’. It is almost impossible to imagine that the apartment is located in the middle of New York City as it features a huge greenhouse that makes the apartment seem like it is located in the countryside. The apartment is both homely and kitschy making it stand out from the rest of the city which is perceived as a concrete jungle. ‘Green Card’ is a 1990 romantic comedy film that was written, produced, and directed by Peter Weir. The lead roles in the film were played by Andie MacDowell and Gerard Depardieu. It is about a woman who agrees to a sham marriage to help a French man get a green card so he can live as a citizen of the United States.

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