The Top 20 Bedrooms In Movie History

A bedroom can say a lot about someone. Bedrooms are the place most feel comfortable, a place where one can feel completely themselves. The private area of the home is a room for rest and solitude. It’s the one room of the home that can be off limits to anyone else. The bedroom often plays an important role in the movies. Not just a place where a character can let their “hair down” but also a place that serves as an extension of the character’s personality. Movie bedrooms throughout history say a lot about the era, the age of the character, and the person’s psyche. From Frenchy’s 1950’s teen room in “Grease” to Tony Stark’s “stark” masculine room in “Iron Man”, movie bedrooms can be iconic.

Here are the top 20 bedrooms in movie history.

Clueless, Cher’s room

Cher Horowitz’s (Alicia Silverstone) bedroom was the envy of many teenage girls when the film came out in 1995. The teen’s bedroom in her family’s sprawling Beverly Hills Mansion is impressive to say the least. It’s a teenage girl’s dream room. The high end pink furniture accented with zebra print chairs leads to a marble bath surrounded with gilded mirrors. That wasn’t the highlight of the room. The highlight was the closet. Cher, the spoiled rich girl, had rotating racks of designer clothes and a PC link to a program that coordinated her clothing and accessories. The closet and its contents were amazing.

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