The Dog House Sofa Is The Choice For Both Owners And Their Dogs


February 14, 2013FurnitureNo comments


Continuing the series of home ideas for people with pets, today dogs are in the spotlight. The Dog House Sofa, created by min n mun is more than just a sofa, as it has attached a place where the dog can stay. The sofa can be all yours, relaxing without being disturbed by your furry friend that has its special place where to do the exact thing as you are.

It is made of wood and covered in cushions, so it’s really soft and comfortable. Well, don’t expect it has room enough for a large dog, as it is suited just for the small and medium dogs. But with this sofa, your worries about your home should be smaller. The dog can join you on the sofa, staying quiet and almost unobservable.

Owners love their dogs, but let’s just face it, sometimes they just need some time off. And now that’s possible even with the dog in the same room.

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