Kona Residence In The Hawaiian Paradise


September 17, 2012Dream HomesNo comments


At East, incredible landscape of the volcano mountain. At West, stunning views of the ocean. In between, Koha Residence in Hawaii stands as a balance created by Belzberg Architects. It’s a serene place, nested with lots of ideas inspired by nature, keeping it all simple and yet so modern and appealing.

The house is organized as two sleeping pods and some common spaces, master suite, living room and media room. There are also green choices, as the photovoltaic panels on the roof, rain water collection and the dark lava stone chosen for the pool in order to help the water heat up through solar energy.

Interiors present a nice, clean image, with lots of wood and white choices for the couches, beds or chairs. As for the contemporary approach, Hawaiian tradition comes as a twist. A great example makes the wood ceiling that is digitally sculpted.

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