Italian Summer House Preserving The Historical Character


Ludovica and Roberto Palomba are two renowned furniture and accessories Italian designers. Today, we get into their lovely summer house in Italy, which looks a lot like a piece of art itself. The building that is now a chic refugee for the summer was back in the 17th century an oil mill. Nothing remembers about that, except the beautiful historical character perfectly preserved in the floors, arches or stone walls.

The small amount of natural light coming inside through the small windows is compensated with skylights. Having an all white interior, there’s definitely a breezy atmosphere that is created in here. Space is another plus of the residence, as 4,300 square feet gives plenty of designing possibilities. Small staircase do the connection to different areas of the house, as some are put higher than the ground, making a great delimitation of space. Outside, the courtyard continues the same idea of relaxations, being created a lovely area to sit around with family or to enjoy yourself by reading a book in quiet.

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