Bright Colors With Powerful Accents In A Chic Swedish Apartment


There’s something about all these Swedish apartments that makes you feel like at home from the second you step in one. It may be the fact they’re so bright, with light colors and also stuffed with all kinds of decoration elements without leaving the impression of being crowded. In fact, the glorious tall ceilings enlarge the idea of space even more. From what we see below in the pictures, this little chic apartment has a rustic kitchen, with so many colors that actually go together perfectly.

The bedrooms are two different styles and: in one of them, the white walls are replaced with dark detailed wallpaper, making it very sophisticated. The other one is modern, with all kinds of stuff, too. From the hanging clothes, I could tell there’s a pretty bohemian woman living there and that’s the twist the apartment has, too. Old is brought there by the stunning living room, with vintage furniture and beautiful arched windows.

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