Blue Jay Way Residence In Sunny L.A., California


Los Angeles is a continuous inspiration when it comes to luxury and contemporary houses. The Blue Jay Way Residence stands before our eyes with its opulence and clean look. Floor-to-ceiling windows let the natural light in and give an amazing outlook over the city. The outside looks stunning. From the high terrace you get an incredible perspective, too, and the 75 foot swimming pool provokes the impression of being somewhere on vacation, because the overall picture is unreal.

The interior feels more like a home, with luminous colors and soft chairs, bed and couches, for a total relaxation. Jay Way Residence is still a luxury house, so a four car garage, media room and guestrooms are unquestionably present. Having 6,800 square feet, this project was a great challenge for McClean Design studio in California. The result doesn’t need any questions or talking. The pictures are worth 1000 words, indeed.

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