20 Living Rooms With Unique Color Combinations

The living room is one room in the home where most people spend a great deal of time. For most homeowners, it’s the room they relax in with friends and family, watch TV, and more. The living room should be a room you love to be in and feel comfortable in. If you are a big color fan and prefer to have rich, unique colors in your home as opposed to neutral tones or plain white walls, a unique color combo can really make a big statement, although rich, deep colors may not be for the shy or squeamish. Unique colors can really change the look, feel and even the visual square footage of a room. You can make your living room really pop, or make it bold and beautiful. If you love color and want to incorporate a unique color palette into your living room but need some ideas to help you get started, here are a few things to consider.

1. Create a focal point wall

If you are a little color shy or leery to cover all the walls in bright or bold colors, you can incorporate a smaller amount of a bold or bright color by choosing just one wall to cover in the bold color choice. This also creates a focal point for the room. Ceilings can also be made to be a focal point by painting it a different color than the walls. This is also one way to make a smaller room seem larger. Painted ceilings can add visual square footage to the height of the ceilings and make them seem taller.

2. Bright colors paired with neutrals

Whether your room is small, or feels dark due to the lack of natural light, you can brighten it up and bring energy into your living room by pairing bright, vibrant colors with neutral tones. By combining neutrals with bright hues, you won’t feel overwhelmed with the bright colors, yet it will open up the space to look and feel livelier.

3. Mix and match shades of the same color

If you’re not color shy, there’s no reason you can’t get a little funky and play with different shades of the same color. Multiple shades of green; lime, apple, Kelly, among others, can be mixed and matched in wall colors, textures, and accent pieces. Add other splashes of colors, such as yellows or even pinks, to create a very unique color combo. Depending on the color combinations, you can create an array of different looks; warm, luxurious, elegant, fun, vibrant, among other looks.

For some great ideas combining colors in a living room, take a look at the following 20 living rooms with unique color combinations to give you inspiration.

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