20 Living Room Designs With Great Storage Space

You spend so much time in your living room, from relaxing to entertaining. You use it for so many purposes, and having the right balance of function in the room is important. Many people prefer to have ample storage space in living room to store a wide variety of items, whether it be art collections, books, knick-knacks, photos and photo albums, magazines, even storage for throws for those chilly nights in front of the TV. Whatever type of storage you need, you can create the perfect storage spaces to keep your belongings organized and uncluttered. Here are some ideas you can use to help plan your storage overhaul for your living room.

Use furniture pieces as storage space

No matter what size room your living room, but especially small living rooms, they will benefit from using furniture pieces as storage units. You can combine functionality by choosing an ottoman that works as a cozy foot rest, a coffee table, and opens up into a storage space for blankets and other items. Coffee tables that have drawers, shelves or doors are a great way to get added storage for photo albums, magazines, remotes and more. A side table that has an open area underneath can function as a storage space to keep certain items out of site, especially if you can put a beautiful tablecloth over it to hide what’s below.

Shelving units

Both built-ins or free-standing shelving units are one of the most popular ways to get optimum storage space in a living room. If you have things you want to display as well as put away, opt for a shelving unit that has open shelves on top and closeable doors down below. There are a wide variety of units you can get that give you the style and function you need, from intermixed open shelves, doors, drawers, and different sized cubbies for different sized items.

Entertainment units

Entertainment units come in all styles and sizes. Many of them are designed to function above and beyond just holding a TV, DVD player and sound system. They are also designed as a means of storing things like DVDs, CDs and more. You can keep all of your technology in one unit, organized and clutter-free.

Baskets and magazine racks

Get creative with how you store things in your living room. You don’t have to display all of your magazines out on your coffee table, instead, a unique magazine rack or basket can hold a number of magazines you want handy but not laid out across a table. Baskets can be decorative and a part of your décor theme, or they can be stored in cubbies, or on shelves and under tables. Maybe you want a decorative magazine rack, or a cute toy basket for your pet setting next to a sofa or chair. There are plenty of options when it comes to storage for your living room.

For more inspiring ideas, take a look at the following 20 living room designs with great storage space to help you get organized and clutter-free.

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