20 Gorgeous Green Living Room Ideas

Are yo a big fan of the color green? Green comes in many different shades and depending on what you’re style and theme are as to what shades you choose to use. You can also mix and match, and coordinate shades of green to create a more dramatic look. Green is one of the best colors for creating a relaxed and comforting feeling in a room. Bright greens can bring a cheery, vibrant feel to the room, while darker or muted shades of green can create a warm, cozy feel. If you have a desire to decorate your living room using green, here are some tips to help you get started.

Room separation

If your living room is directly next to, or connected with your kitchen, green can be a great way to separate the two rooms. In this case, it is better to use more neutral tones in the kitchen to totally separate the rooms and really make your living room pop.

How much green do you want?

Some people may prefer to just add splashes of green to their living room, while others may want green to be their main color. Decide how drastic of a change you would want before embarking on making changes. Do you want to just have some green accents, or entire walls painted green? Once you decide how green you want your room, you can start choosing colors and shades.

Mixing shades and textures

A mix of shades of green helps to give the room depth and dramatic appeal. Mixing other colors with green can also have the same effect, especially incorporating shades of yellows and even blues. When you intermingle colors into the textures, this adds depth and visual appeal, for example, draperies, couches, throw pillows, lamp shades, these are all textures and can be color coordinated with the color green to draw the eye to different focal points throughout the room.

Color combination ideas

The colors, green and red have always been a traditional color combo and can give your living room a bright and lively look. Green walls with golds and yellows are also a great combination, especially when green walls are used in combination with gold-toned couches and chairs. For less green in the room, leave the walls white or a neutral color and bring green into the room by choosing muted, or olive green in your furniture, such as a chair, throw pillows, draperies, pendants or other room décor pieces. White and green is always a refreshing look and white goes well with just about any shade of green.

For more green living room ideas, take a look at these 20 gorgeous green living room ideas.

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