20 Gorgeous Green Kitchen Design Ideas

The color scheme you use on your kitchen can many times, make or break the feel of your kitchen. Kitchens are typically thought of as warm and inviting, which your color choices can help to create. You also want to consider resale value and what will appeal to other people, if you plan to sell your home. One of the most popular choices of colors for kitchens, today, is green. From shades of green apple lime, to a darker forest green, you can incorporate this beautiful color scheme into your kitchen and create a beautiful green kitchen that will lighten and brighten the whole room. If you are looking for ways to incorporate the color green into your kitchen here are a few ideas.

1. Wall coverage

If you have a small kitchen, you can enlarge the look and feel of the space by using a light color pallet on the walls. Greens are a popular color today, especially in kitchens and they can dramatically open the space to give it more visual square footage. It is also one of the most budget-friendly changes you can make, to change the look and feel of your kitchen. Choose a shade of green that accents your kitchen cabinets and counters. Keep in mind that dark cabinets mixed with a dark shade of green on the walls can have the opposite effect and shrink the space as opposed to lightening and brightening.

2. Cabinetry

Your cabinets are one of the biggest focal points of your kitchen. If you want a total change and remodel of your kitchen, consider choosing a shade of green for your cabinetry. These can be beautiful and artsy, and have a dramatic effect in your kitchen. Shades of olives, pea green, or blue greens, are popular choices for kitchen cabinetry. Mixing closed-door cabinets with opened-shelves or glass door cabinets, can add character as well as showcase specific pieces of art or dishware you want to display.

3. Green tile and accent pieces

One way to add green to your kitchen décor is to add a backsplash using green tiles, or a mixture of green and accent colors. You can also offset the backsplash with green accents throughout the kitchen, using green tones in your kitchen curtains, furniture pieces, chair cushions, wall hanging pieces, among other options. You can still get a dramatic effect with the color green without having to make a big investment or overhaul to your kitchen.

For more ideas on how to incorporate green into your kitchen, keep scrolling down to see 20 gorgeous green kitchen ideas.

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