20 Examples of Scandinavian Style Bedroom Design

The Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950’s and the idea behind the movement was to create a look that was simple, yet functional. It was the art of using natural materials, wood, hemp, rocks, brick, leather, etc., to create a simplistic look that was affordable to anyone and everyone, not just the wealthy. When you look at a room that is of Scandinavian design, you will most likely see it flows with a mixture of natural shapes and abstract shapes. It is often described as a clean and crisp look that doesn’t focus so much on color, but aesthetics, and it gives a room comfortable and welcoming look and appeal. If Scandinavian design has always appealed to you, but you weren’t sure how to achieve the look in your home, here are some tips on how you can transform your bedroom into a Scandinavian dream.

1. Colors

The color palette is in a Scandinavian design is much more muted than in other types of designs. Simple colors in natural tones, such as whites and creams, tans and grays. Natural colors are a big part of a Scandinavian design and less focus is put on bold colors or bursts of colors. Although blacks and shades of black are used, too much can take away from the crispness of the look.

2. Textures

When the room consists of mostly muted tones, texture is needed to give a visual appeal. Ways you can boost texture appeal is to use layers of bedding materials on the bed, as long as you don’t over do it. A throw over the comforter with throw pillows and possibly a swag of fabric that drapes down over the bed from the ceiling or wall. Simple window treatments and a simple pattern throw rug add texture throughout the room.

3. Furniture

Furniture in the room should be simple and not overcrowding. Scandinavian design embraces space, so give your furniture breathing room. It is also about functionality and being resourceful. For instance, if you have a stylish chair that would double as a night stand, Scandinavian design embraces this as well. Take advantage of your resources and use them where you see fit.

4. Accessories

In keeping with the simplistic frame of mind, overdoing accessories and nick knacks will quickly detract from a crisp, clean look. Keep nick knacks to a minimum and only use a few decorative pieces throughout the room. The goal of a Scandinavian design is to achieve a relaxed feeling and simple visual appeal to the room.

For more Scandinavian ideas, take a look at these 20 Eeamples of Scandinavian style bedroom design.

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